Master my Maker

Master my Maker I just have to complain You left some loose wires When you circuited my brain Trains of thought they run wild Careen off their tracks When I send genius to heaven It can’t find its way back On the roadway of life I’ve fallen off my trolley While my noblest intentions Are […]

Old Friends, Old Friends

I’m fortunate to be one of a group of high school classmates (class of 1962) who make the effort and take the time to get together at least once or twice a year. This past weekend as we gathered once again my best friend, Ron, wore a T-shirt that read: GROWING OLD IS MANDATORY, GROWING […]

Chamonix Disaster

Taking a lead from a friend, I’m sharing a poem based on a true event. I was a 20-year old traveler, hitchhiking across Europe, and my experience treated me to some exotic sights and unimaginable adventures. One such adventure involved what was affectionately known as a Turkish Toilet. I hope today’s poem paints an accurate […]

I Look for a new Song

I look for a new song The old one hasn’t died Though it has been tried It’s still a rhapsody A fragrant harmony But now suffers dormancy I beg for a new song To gladden my heart Like love’s fresh start When song sparrows’ trills Resound through their bills Burgeoning thrills I ache for a […]


it feels as if I’m without hope      un-assuaged while questions ricochet like echoes bouncing      in a cave roaring continuous      as the waves crashing around in my brain      leaving me week, drained perilously I teeter      on a cliff           therefore I turn […]

Again, Where is Home

It’s often just the place Where I’m feeling most alone With crowds or some close friends I’ll scarce opine a groan Doubting anyone ready For the stutters of a stone I continue in my search Again, where is home?   In a world that’s been fashioned By the extreme left and right I choose retreat […]

Where’s Home?

I ask myself, “Where’s Home?” Then recognize an enigma Is it where I now reside? With my wife In an apartment On Spokane’s south hill Where mail clutter tracks us down It’s true, but it doesn’t feel like such * I look back into my past To the stucco house Dad built Where I was […]

Dream to Rise

an ode to MLK and Maya on the 50th anniversary of his death and the 90th anniversary of her birth Dream to Rise I was raised on an island    So to speak   A Southern California oasis        Of white privilege          White bread          White T-shirts          White sweat socks * Now privilege […]

Friday Morning

I wrote this almost a year ago, in keeping with the season. Be sure to read all the way to the end; Friday Morning   Friday morning Slept barely but a wink An evening celebration Plunged headlong off the brink   He asked me to pray To cushion His agony I didn’t sense the pain […]


On an errand recently, just a few days before the beginning of spring, I spotted these croci (crocuses) sprouting up from turf at the base of a large maple tree. The flowers seemed to have won a valiant battle over roots, grass, and pieces of bark. They weren’t overwhelmingly beautiful, but I admired the courage […]