Master my Maker

Master my Maker

I just have to complain

You left some loose wires

When you circuited my brain

Trains of thought they run wild

Careen off their tracks

When I send genius to heaven

It can’t find its way back

On the roadway of life

I’ve fallen off my trolley

While my noblest intentions

Are deemed as mere folly

Myriads of marbles

Roll around in my skull

I hear tweets from canaries

And shrieks from sea-gulls

As elevators go

Mine won’t reach the top

Every brilliant idea

Results in a flop

And my own moral compass

Is well off the charts

While my opinions are met with

“He ain’t got the smarts”

So grab all your tools

Your soldering iron too

Bring a few extra diodes

And I’m sure there’s a loose screw

Though my warranty’s lapsed

I beg for repair

Look how I’m kneeling

This request is a prayer

Rocky James Curtiss 10/28/2019

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