Where’s Home?

I ask myself, “Where’s Home?”

Then recognize an enigma

Is it where I now reside?

With my wife

In an apartment

On Spokane’s south hill

Where mail clutter tracks us down

It’s true, but it doesn’t feel like such


I look back into my past

To the stucco house Dad built

Where I was raised

(Raised? We moved when I was 15)

And besides, the house is gone

Replaced by a modern monstrosity

Sarcastically dubbed a McMansion

My boyhood world extinguished


So then there’s Temple City

LA suburbia from birth (to 21)

But as I travel its streets today

Familiar landmarks evaporated

Orange groves exterminated

Friends’ homes abdicated

Familiar faces obliterated

The loss of roots exacerbated


Well, how about Redlands

Where we dwelt long forty years

Friends relocated

Children migrated

Parents expired

And then we retired

The familiar emerged unrecognized

Solid ground liquefied


I ask again, “Where’s Home?”

The query still unsatisfied

Intimate faces with disparate lives

Common faces without history

Local spaces void of memory

Shallow roots cannot abound

Attempt to anchor runs aground

I guess home exists beside my bride

…and I’m satisfied

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