Friday Morning

I wrote this almost a year ago, in keeping with the season. Be sure to read all the way to the end;

Friday Morning


Friday morning
Slept barely but a wink
An evening celebration
Plunged headlong off the brink


He asked me to pray
To cushion His agony
I didn’t sense the pain
Treating Him so casually


I tried to atone
By following Him to trial
But when others called me out
I answered with denial


The guilt is overwhelming
The torment so intense
I rack my soul for answers
But forsaken of defense


He entered Zion in victory
To adulation and high praise
But now the sounds of sobbing
Is all that’s being raised


The crowds are on the move
To the hill called Calvary
As anger overflows
In spiritual anarchy


I dare not follow close
And be sucked into their hate
Will I echo denunciation
Adding insult to His fate


I can’t believe my eyes
As spikes pierce hands and feet
But He looks on me with love
My shame is now complete


It’s Friday morning
And my Savior’s on a cross
His death becoming real
While hope for man is lost





It’s Sunday morning!


Rocky James Curtiss 04/14/2017

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